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Talco are back with their antifascist “punk-chanka”: the Combat Circus opens again!

The “Combat Circus” is back: in fact Mazel Tov represents the direct pursuance of the previous album. 13 tracks of combat punk-chanka, with the addition of a bonus track dedicated to the pirates of St. Pauli, the antifascist football fans. Lots of things link the two albums: thanks to Combat Circus we grew up, we became well known and we started to reflect our experiences and our thoughts in our music. Combat Circus was the beginning of a trip, Mazel Tov represents a coming back home, carrying experiences that enriched us and let us grow. So we started talking again about positive and negative stories we are living and we have already lived…


2. L'ERA DEL CONTRARIO: the bandits get back home in a land in which everything seems to be upside down.

3. RADIO AUT: Radio Aut was a small broadcasting company from which Peppino Impastato used to speak. He was a man who fought mafia and the political conspirancy of silence. Dedicated to all the people who still raise their voice against mafia and the politics that feeds it.

4. IL MIO TEMPO: propaganda sometimes hides the tracks of a life even to the most alert onlookers. This is the tale of a wonderful land, a walk along the streets where we rediscovered our values and ideals in other people’s lives, that were lost because of the cowardly political opportunism of our society.

5. NEL VILLAGGIO: instrumental song.

6. IL TRENO: to escape from nazist persecution and deportation, a man involves his village in a riskful trip on a disguised, ghost train in the search for a land of hope and dignity. A homage to the great film Train De Vie and to the jewish people, persecuted by the shame of nazist barbarism and human uncivilization. A reflection on man, religion and sick mankind.

7. MERLUTZ: instrumental song.

8. LA CASA DELL'IMPUNITÀ: a song against the shame of institutional politics. A fight we always thought to be very important is the one against political immunity and clientelism; being left wing is a value that is not involved with the institutional aspect of politics, but with the social, human and moral one: that implies solidarity and equality, from which one can start criticizing everything that stands against these ideas.

9. TARANTELLA DELL'ULTIMO BANDITO: because of “the age of the contrary” we forget our roots, although we live close to them every day: this is the story of Severino Marchioro, Cioro’s grandfather, a partisan who fought in the Brigata Garibaldi.

10. LA MANO DE DIOS: a song written by the Argentinian songwriter El Potro Rodrigo as a homage to Maradona, the biggest and most unconvenient football player of all times.

11. IL LAMENTO DEL MARE: never to forget the workers who die on duty, fallen into the oblivion of a lost morality and of a power growing without values, except for that of its own blind advantage.

12. LA TORRE: our life, the tough bond with the ideals of the Resistence, the trips to those wonderful lands which have adopted us and where we spent special moments. A sad coming back home, the awakening of memories of betrayed and confused ideals, of a Left that has lost its head, drifting apart even more from its path. A mean country that tries to enlist people just for its aims.

13. MAZEL TOV: instrumental song.

14. ST. PAULI (bonus track): a hymn dedicated to the antifascist pirates of St. Pauli, Hamburg.

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