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About this album:
This album was recorded in summer 2009 at LFT-Studio. A short time after we finished recording these eight songs, Simon left and a few weeks later EasyDan did aswell. So to continue playing gigs we’ve had to practice with our new drummer (Olaf No.2) and our new guitarist (Slavko). That’s the reason for releasing only eight songs on this album.
But while you’re listing to this album, we already started to write new songs.

1. Power for revenge
2. I've been right
3. Russia
4. Golden Handshake
5. A friend killed a friend
6. Fairplay 'n' Foul
7. Bring back the red bricks
8. Madness on my mind

About the songs on this album:
1. Power for revenge:
Why are most of the people not taking revenge on the people who are responsible for the financial crisis that destroyed their jobs and existence? It would be great if people would build power for revenge in a constructive way.
2. I've been right
We told people capitalism always causes bad crises. There’s no control if profit is the main element in a system. We’ve been right. 3. Russia
A very special song. Many active anti-fascists we know especially from Russia were killed by nazis. Not in a fight, but by leaving their houses and getting stabbed or shot to death. But there are still lots of anti-fascists continuing. That’s amazing! 4. Golden Handshake
After managers have been sacked by the public ‘cause they fucked up companies existences and workers lives they still received lots of money. Why? They deserve something else… 5. A friend killed a friend
Unfortunately a very good friend of ours killed another good friend of ours. At a football match afterwards - Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern Munich - they played our song “Too young to die” in rememberance of our friend who died. This happened in front of 54.000 people in the arena and everyone was quiet for 3 minutes. But that’s just a point in the history of Stage Bottles. The personal feelings of their families and friends afterwards are the main thing. But how to describe? Listen to the music and read the lyrics. Then you may be close to a sad and chaotic feeling. 6. Fairplay 'n' Foul
We love football!
7. Bring back the red bricks
Never forget the feeling you’ve had when you were a little kid and when you had very strong and fascinating feelings. In the first years of being a Skinhead, Punk or Hooligan you think the world completely changed. And it did.
8. Madness on my mind
Try to stay cool. No matter what problems you’ve got! And enjoy the music of the Stage Bottles!

Stage Bottles would like to say thanks and hello to all the people and bands who helped us, played or organised gigs with us or just had a great time with us. And of course to all our friends who followed and supported us since lots of years. Thanks to all the labels that released our songs in the past (yes!).
Special regards to our friends from Russia.
Listening to our music and loving it is like making a stand.
Keep on keeping on!

Special thanks to the backing vocalists, Mike Mad Butcher, Jan from Barcelona, Enrico from Los Fastidios, and all the others who may release this album somewhere on this planet.
Thanks Vinyl from the Blaggers for his help aswell.

Not to forget: Marc Bugnard from LFT-Studio who did great work with us again.

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