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1. Tuesday
2. Mind game
3. Pick it up
4. Matilda
5. The sun is shining on me
6. Best friend
7. Times in oblivion
8. You better watch out!
9. Crying on my own
+ bonus tracks - from the 1999 Lame Ducks demo:
10. Easy come, easy go
11. Situation
12. Egg
Part 1

Lame Ducks actually started out as an Operation Ivy cover band back in 1996. But in order to explain that, we'll have to move the cursor back a year...
Our musical career started in 1995 when Andreas Milde, Raymond Reite, Karsten Blomstrand and Anders Bergmaal, formed the band Dogpile. We really didn't know how to play (Karsten had actually never held a drumstick before!), but we played just to have fun. Even though it sounded like shit. We rehersed in an old bomb shelter in the basement of the local youth club in Vestby, our home town (we still use that place...). In the following year we played a couple of gigs and even recorded a demo cd! This was really big for us and we had a great time. Unfortiunatly all good things come to an end, and Karsten and Anders quitted the band in the autumn of 1996 to start what was to become Lame Ducks.
As I said earlier we started out as an Operation Ivy cover band. Since we thought that Opivy was the greatest band to have walked the surface of the earth, we rehersed their songs for about three months before we found out that we wanted to do some more. We asked Robert Jensen, a class mate of Karsten, if he wanted to join us on the guitar. And so he did.
We had our first rehersal on the 11th of December 1996 and Lame Ducks was formed. We called ourself Make No Sense back then(silly name), and we played skatepunk. We didn't start to play ska until we asked Andreas Milde(Dogpile) to play bass with us. That's when we came up with the name. Anders found it in a dictionary, and since it ment something like "incompetent people", we thought it would be a great name.
Our first ever ska song were "Pick It Up". We named our first album "Pick It Up", and we still play the song at all of our shows. We're a bit supersticious and think that it means bad luck not to play it.
In the period 1997-1999 we just played shows in the local area, and nothing exciting happened. But in the spring of 1999 Andreas announced that he had to quit the band to concentrate on his other band Dogpile. We replaced him with a guy named Pablo, but that didn't last very long. Robert left us shortly after that, and we were back where we started.
A couple of months later we asked Glenn Boger and Lars Martin Skjørshammer to join the band. This is when it really kicked off! Glenn and Lars Martin had played in loads of bands before they joined Lame Ducks. Such as Butt Hunter, Riot Against Law and No Authority. But they had never played ska before. We rehersed for a while an it actually started to sound pretty cool! Our first "breakthrough" were at "Kjellern Rock" in December 1999. A lot of people turned up for our show, and we grew on that expirience. After this it just got better and better, and in April 2000 we recorded our first demo CD. Shortly after this we recruited yet another member. Robert Rodrigues on saxophone. This added that little extra that we needed to take our music to a new level. The next year we spent writing songs and playing gigs in the local area.
In February 2001 we played at By:Larm in Tromsø. This is one of the biggest events in norwegian music, where loads of known and unknown artists perform their music. This is where we met our manager, Robert Dyrnes, who was the label manager of Yellow Snow Records and Underground Records at the time. We were surprised when he purposed to do an album with us cause we thought that we had played a lousy show in Tromsø. But we did not hesitate to agree, and we were the first band to sign up for Fucking Northpole Records along with Turdus Musicus and Tadpole.
Part 2
In the summer of 2001, we booked waterfall studios in Oslo to record our debut album ("Pick it up"). This was a importent lession for us, because the people we worked with in the studio didnt have any experience with our kind of music. We did many mistakes and the album was mixed 3 times by different people before it sounded ok. Our manager Dyrnes told us to take learning from this experience and use it to not make the same mistakes next time we would record an album.
Suprisingly, people really liked the album, and gave it more credit then we tought it deserved. Metal hammer gave us 6/10 and most of the Norwegian press gave us 4/6. Along with recording and releasing the album, our manager booked a lot of shows for us. He told us that we had to play as much as possible to grow as a band. From we met Dyrnes in 2001 until now, we have played over 100 shows. We been on one German / Swiss tour, and played all over Norway. A big festival i Sweden called "Arvika Festival" was so impressed by the album that they booked uss to play in the summer 2002, with headliners as The Cure and The Laura Lee experience..
Right after this show we went to brygga-studio in Trondheim to record our second album "are you lame or something?" This time we booked a real rock n roll studio and the enginer "steinis" really knew what he was doing. We recorded a monster album witch everyone in the band was satisfied with. The album will be released in Feb 2003.
To be continued

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