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The Oppressed - Antifa Hooligans CD

01. Antifa Hooligan (Los Fastidios)
02. Monkey Man (The Maytals)
03. Brother Louie (Hot Chocolate)
04. The AFA Song
05. I Don’t Wanna
06. Remember
07. United We Stand
08. Skinhead Times
09. Sleeping With The Enemy
10. Fuck Fascism
11. Nazi Skinhead
12. B-N-P (You’re Full Of Shit)
13. Nazi Nightmare
14. Substitute (AFA)
15. Work Together

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The Oppressed were just a skinhead band who hated what nazi politics was doing to the scene. They didn't want to make a stand but what else could they do? Roddy decided to fold the band in 2006 because, "I'm gonna be 50 this year and you can only sing Ultra Violence so many times." FUCK FASCISM BEFORE IT FUCKS YOU.. Check out Roddy and Dom's new 60s band TIGHTEN UP :.. ..Tighten Up........ .. .. .. And Roddy and Floyd's new Punk band THE D TEEZ

THE OPPRESSED - Antifa Hooligans:
Redstar 73 have released a 3 track single from Cardiff Anti-Fascist Oi! band 'The Oppressed'. If you're lucky to have the CD version then you get twelve bonus tracks but I'm sure most will go for the three-track vinyl release. I love the Oppressed but I'm not sure about their continuation of just doing covers. They have written some great songs in their own right in the past and I for one would like to see that happen again. What you get here are covers of 'Antifa Hooligans', 'Monkey Man' by Toots And 'Brother Louis'. The covers aren't bad but they just lack the punch of the original versions. The bonus tracks include some great tunes such as 'The AFA Song', 'Skinhead Times' and Oppressed favourite 'Work Together'. It's a great idea this release but as I said I'd love to hear some new tunes. I also think more information should have come with this release for education purposes. However if the younger crowd need an introduction to what the Oppressed are about this isn't a bad place to start! 7/10
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Nach den beiden Split-EPs mit 7er Jungs und Klasse Kriminale werfen The Oppressed den nächsten musikalischen Happen auf den Markt: „Antifa Hooligans“ heißt das neue Machwerk – übrigens eine reine Cover-EP.
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