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Shanty Town - One more last chance CD
01 Really don't care
02 Last Chance
03 So nice
04 The Autumn Leaves
05 I prear, I swear, I say
06 Goldfinger
07 Night Club
08 Sweet & Lowdown
09 Someday
10 Brand New Song
11 She's So Perfect

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Shanty Town m

1 ENGL A town or section of a town or city inhabited by very poor people living in shanties

2 LOC ghetto of Johannesbourg, South Africa

3 ORIG Band from Barcelona that started on the year 1999. With a style framed inside the jamaican music (mainly ska) but mixed, amplified and enriched with jazz, soul,funk, pop and reggae. During almost seven years they have been working on the definition of their own style with the single purpose of doing their own and original music.

4 DISC One More Last Chance, their second LP, enlarges the direction started by Shanty Town in their own research of a unique and untransferable style, through songs that combine jamaican rythms, with the musical intentions of jazz, and the easy listening emotional issues of the pop music

5 INT with this LP Shanty Town invites you to their own little universe of good mood, chaos, nice lyrics, variety and dance.

One More Last Chance CD
Die Ska-Band SHANTY TOWN begann 1999 in Barcelona unter dem Namen SMOKE'LESS. Die damaligen Gründungsmitglieder waren damals gerade 16 Jahre alt und suchten fast sieben Jahre lang zwischen Jazz, Soul, Funk, Pop, Reggae und natürlich Ska nach ihrem eigenen Stil.
Nach diversen Umbesetzungen fand sich jetzt eine elfkoepfige Band zusammen, die mit "One More Last Chance" ein fulminantes Debuetalbum praesentiert, dessen Tiefe sich erst nach und nach offenbart.

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