Redstar73 Records

Kinky Coo Coo's - Montjuic Boneyard CD
01 Voodoo Bass (con Dave Barker)
02 Wake It Up
03 Feel That Trick
04 Band Of Gold
05 Mama No Know
06 Coocoo Festival
07 Inside You
08 Voice Your Choice
09 Montjuic Boneyard
10 Better Love
11 This Is The Man
12 Caesar
13 Pum Pum
14 Going To The Ball
15 Sugar Pie
16 Worries
17 Messenger From Me
18 40 Miles
19 No Mess, No Fuss (con Ruben Lopez)

THE KINKY COO COO'S - Monjuic Boneyard:
Redstar 73 Records have put out a corker of an album here and thumbs up to them for putting their faith into this Barcelona Ska band. There's nineteen tracks in all - seventeen of their own numbers and two fantastic covers 'Band Of Gold' and 'Sugar Pie'.. If you're looking for some old style Ska and Rocksteady sounds then this band are surely a must. The Kinky Coo Coo's are made up of twelve band members and every single one of them does their job to perfection. What's also cool is to see a Ska band with male and female vocalists as this scene does get a bit too male dominated at times. Some good tunes on here. Some of my faves include 'Wake It Up', 'Coo Coo Festival', 'Better Love', 'Pum Pum' and 'Going To The Ball'. Guesting on this album are Reagge legends Dave Barker and Ruben Lopes Warrior. Oh and if you're wondering the Kinky Coo Coo's sing in English too so there's no excuse for picking up this great album. As a bonus it comes with wicked packaging too! 9.5/10
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La Nariz Roja No 3
The Kinky Coo Coo's "Montjuïc Boneyard". Desde Catalunya nos llega este trabajo editado traves de Liquidator y Redstar73. En total ni mas ni menos que 19 temans, mas de una hora para nada pesada, donde se atreven con el ska, reggae y rocksteady que te llevaran hasta la Jamaica de los 60, donde se combinan los temas con una bonita voz femenina, voz masculina y los temas instrumentals, entre los que se encuentran un par de versiones de Four Tops y Freda Payne. Destacamos temas como Wake it up, Band of Gold, Mamma don't know, o Voice your choice por decir algunos. En definitiva, un gran disco.

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