Autonomads - No mans land CD

1 Great Benefit Cheat
2 The Struggle Continiues
3 G.M.P.
4 Foot In Mouth
5 Supermarket Sweep
6 Foundations
7 Dubbin' Up The Downfall
8 Back To The Bark
9 Motor Dread

Order from Redstar73

D.I.Y Dub-Punk and Ska from Manchester…. Over 400 gigs and several European tours, sleeping on your floors, playing in fields, on sites, at demos, in clubs and in meadows, free parties, warehouses, pubs and eating your Vegan grub. Absolute freedom to earth and beast, annihilation of capitalist social relations anddomination. Everything NOW!
The first Autonomads album - No Mans Land - Is currently out of press on CD and Vinyl and is available again on CD from Redstar 73. The band is currently in the studio recording new material.