Les Partisans - Style Of

1 Quel Avenir ?
2 Sous La Pluie Rude Boy
3 Planète Marx
4 Rue Des Voraces
5 Graine De Violence
6 Dignité
7 Terre Brûlée
8 Face Au Soleil
9 Radio Rebelle
10 Sono Mondiale
11 Aurore
12 Le Train De La Dernière Chance
13 Flash Back
14 Rêves D'Enfance
15 Rien Ne S'Efface

Order from Redstar73

1994 / 2002. Eight years of rumble, brotherhood and hopes. Back in these days when in a french city, against the current, few guys decided to play old style street-punk with a warm soul flavor. They wanted to put their boots in the tracks of bands like Stiff Little Fingers, The Redskins, Kortatu, Nuclear Device, The Jam, Angelic Upstarts, Camera Silens. Style, social concerns and melodic anthems : fifteen songs to break the fatality of a wasted working-class youth.